February 20, 2019

Psychic Stress Relief

Share It’s that time again, dark passengers. As promised, tonight we continue our discussion of psychics and stress from last week. In particular, let’s talk about some ways for those with psychic abilities or empathic gifts to relieve stress. But frankly, even people who don’t think they possess psychic gifts can benefit as well… If [...]


What Are Animal Empaths?

Share Hey, dark passengers. Have you ever watched someone talk to a cat? I don’t mean when it meows at you and you meow back at it, I’m asking if you’ve ever really seen a person have an in-depth conversation with a cat. or any other animal, for that matter. They look ridiculous, right? Probably [...]


Releasing Negativity for Empaths

ShareHappy Wednesday, dark passengers!  As you may already know, I’m an Empath and I like to talk about empathic abilities, so be expecting plenty of posts to come on this topic.  I’ve found that a lot of time and energy is spent talking about psychic shielding techniques for Empaths.  And that’s a good thing, don’t [...]