May 22, 2019

Ouija Superstitions

Does this simple game board hold a sinister secret?

For a simple game, the Ouija board has dozens of superstitions and urban legends surrounding it. Could any of these Ouija myths be true?


Clearing Negativity Before the Holiday Season

Share Welcome back, dark passengers. Where I sit, it’s a beautiful Wednesday morning full of clear skies and comfortable temperatures, so it’s hard for me to believe that the Holiday Season is nearly upon us. In fact, Thanksgiving is only two weeks away. Because neither my family nor my in-laws are willing to drive out [...]


Why Cleaning Your House Helps With Paranormal Activity

Clutter in your home can cause a number of problems, but it may also be responsible for the paranormal activity you experience. Learn more about how clutter attracts the paranormal.


Dangers of Paranormal Investigations

Share Happy Tuesday, dark passengers. As we approach Halloween, I imagine more than a few of you are planning paranormal investigations for Halloween weekend. I also imagine not all of you have been on a paranormal investigation before. No, checking out the noises in your aunt’s basement doesn’t count. You told everyone it was the [...]


Ouija Board – How Do You Work?

A number of theories exist about how the Ouija board works. Do your hands move the pointer around or does some unseen force control do the talking. Learn the arguments for each.