April 25, 2019

Ouija Superstitions

Does this simple game board hold a sinister secret?

For a simple game, the Ouija board has dozens of superstitions and urban legends surrounding it. Could any of these Ouija myths be true?


Are Prayer and Channeling Alike?

Share The countdown to the end of the series on the relationship between religion and the paranormal is on. Tonight, we look at prayer and channeling. Are they similar or are they nothing alike? Let’s get to it, shall we? To give us a base of understanding, my Merriam-Webster Dictionary has this to say: Prayer [...]


Justifying Spiritual Beliefs

When your paranormal and religious beliefs clash, it’s natural to try to choose between them. A guest poster explains how she justifies her spiritual beliefs.


Was Jesus a Lightworker?

Share Happy Monday, dark passengers. Tonight, we kick off the final week in our series on the relationship between religion and the paranormal. And seriously, is it even possible to do a month-long look at these topics without discussing Jesus? Okay, it’s probably possible, but it seems like it would be lacking somehow… Anyway. I’ve [...]


Existence of Angels, Demons and Ghosts

Some believe in angels and demons, but say ghosts aren’t real. Is there room for all three kinds of spirit? For that matter, do any angels, demons or ghosts exist?