May 20, 2019

Dexter Episode 5.11 Recap – Hop a Freighter

As Dexter and Lumen prepare to turn the tables on Jordan Chase, they realize someone else may be planning the same for them. Can Dexter keep Lumen safe as the season finale approaches?


Dexter Episode 5.08 Recap – Take It!

In tonight’s all new episode of Dexter, Quinn’s spy gets closer to the truth about Dexter, while Dexter reveals his true self to Lumen. Read more about Dexter episode 5.08 – Take It!


Dexter Episode 5.06 Recap – Everything is Illumenated

In tonight’s new episode of Dexter, Dexter get’s two bodies for the price of one, and a blundering new sidekick. Can he handle things before the cops show up?