May 22, 2019

Afterlives of the Rich and Famous by Sylvia Browne – A Book Review

Book Cover

ShareHappy Wednesday, dark passengers. Instead of dealing with my own shades of insanity today, we’re going to delve into someone else’s. That’s right, it’s time for my review of Afterlives of the Rich and Famous by psychic Sylvia Browne. In this book, Browne fills 288 pages with what dead celebrities and politicians have been up [...]


Are Crystals More Than Pretty Jewelry?

Crystals in all their forms can be as useful as they are pretty

Crystals and gemstones can make beautiful jewelry, but they also have metaphysical properties that make them attractive to empaths and psychics. Learn the metaphysical basics of crystals.


Dangers of Paranormal Investigations

Share Happy Tuesday, dark passengers. As we approach Halloween, I imagine more than a few of you are planning paranormal investigations for Halloween weekend. I also imagine not all of you have been on a paranormal investigation before. No, checking out the noises in your aunt’s basement doesn’t count. You told everyone it was the [...]


Ouija Board – How Do You Work?

A number of theories exist about how the Ouija board works. Do your hands move the pointer around or does some unseen force control do the talking. Learn the arguments for each.


Ouija Board – My Brush With Danger

To many, the Ouija board is a simple toy that provides harmless fun during slumber parties. Could the Ouija board put its users in danger? My personal experience.