April 25, 2019

Are Crystals More Than Pretty Jewelry?

Crystals in all their forms can be as useful as they are pretty

Crystals and gemstones can make beautiful jewelry, but they also have metaphysical properties that make them attractive to empaths and psychics. Learn the metaphysical basics of crystals.


Top 101 Paranormal Facts

ShareHappy New Year, dark passengers. It wouldn’t be the first post of a brand new decade without a list of the top 101 paranormal facts you need to know. Let’s get straight down to the fun, shall we? Top Paranormal Definitions:


Releasing Negativity for Empaths

ShareHappy Wednesday, dark passengers!  As you may already know, I’m an Empath and I like to talk about empathic abilities, so be expecting plenty of posts to come on this topic.  I’ve found that a lot of time and energy is spent talking about psychic shielding techniques for Empaths.  And that’s a good thing, don’t [...]