May 22, 2019

Are Prayer and Channeling Alike?

Share The countdown to the end of the series on the relationship between religion and the paranormal is on. Tonight, we look at prayer and channeling. Are they similar or are they nothing alike? Let’s get to it, shall we? To give us a base of understanding, my Merriam-Webster Dictionary has this to say: Prayer [...]


Religion and the Paranormal: Friends or Foes

Are religion and paranormal phenomena two sides of the same coin? Beginning of new series discussing the relationship between the paranormal and religion.


Do You Have Past Lives

ShareI hope all the dark passengers out there had a great weekend.  Mine was.  Then again, I’m usually happy so that’s not all that unusual.  (Totally killing my “dark” image here, huh?) Today we discuss a topic that is both fascinating and frustrating to me: Past Lives and Reincarnation. Why do I find this frustrating?  [...]