April 25, 2019

Ouija Superstitions

Does this simple game board hold a sinister secret?

For a simple game, the Ouija board has dozens of superstitions and urban legends surrounding it. Could any of these Ouija myths be true?


Ouija Board – How Do You Work?

A number of theories exist about how the Ouija board works. Do your hands move the pointer around or does some unseen force control do the talking. Learn the arguments for each.


Ouija Board – Timeless Toy or Portal to Peril?

When deciding whether to play with a Ouija board, knowing the risks are important. Learn more about the two perceived dangers of the Ouija board and if you should worry.


Ouija Board – My Brush With Danger

To many, the Ouija board is a simple toy that provides harmless fun during slumber parties. Could the Ouija board put its users in danger? My personal experience.