January 19, 2019

Twilight DVD Release Party

Well, Twilighters, the wait is nearly over.  At the stroke of midnight on Saturday, March 21st Twilight will be available for purchase on DVD.  Stores across the country will be hosting Twilight DVD Release Parties for all the fans.  If you’ve been bitten by this pop culture phenomena that’s swept the world then no doubt you’re already planning to be there with your fangs.

And if you haven’t already become a fanpire…Why not?

Adults and teens alike have fallen in love with this timeless story of forbidden love based on the Twilight saga of books by author Stephenie Meyer.  Why is it forbidden?  Because Edward Cullen (played by Robert Pattinson) is a vampire, of course.  While being a vampire doesn’t exclude this brooding bad boy gone good from love, the fact that he longs to drain Bella Swan (played by Kristen Stewart) of all her blood does add a touch of foreboding.

Throw in some crazy sexual tension, hot guys, evil vampires doing battle with the Cullen vampires and you’ve got a Hollywood hit that was a smash at the box office opening weekend in November 2008.

But what is it about this particular series that has so captured the imagination of the world?  After all, vampire fiction is back in favor and books featuring vampires are a dime a dozen.  Even the concept of the “good” vampire trying to fight his very nature has already been done.

It’s nearly impossible to say for sure because individual tastes vary a great deal.  There does seem to be a depth of character that shines through the words written on the page, transcending what is depicted on the screen.  In recent years, it is difficult to name another work of fiction where need and desire are in such distinct opposition.  I mean, I love chocolate, but I’m not likely to fall in love with it and become unable to eat it any longer out of that love.

Chocolate is chocolate.  Blood is blood.  Right?

Anyway, Twilight does provide readers/viewers with a slightly new take on traditional vampire lore.  Sunlight isn’t deadly for Meyer’s vampires; it just makes them sparkly.  They’re cold and hard as stone.  A single bite releases vampire venom that causes excrutiating agony to their human prey.  So there are differences between Twilight vampires and what one might traditionally think of when they think of vampires.

Then again, Twilight does no justice to real vampires…

While the fanpires and Twilighters of the world clamor to the DVD Release Party, those in the know might wonder how the members of the very real vampire community will be spending their late Friday night.  Will any of the real vampires out there be attending the party or standing in line for their copy of the Twilight DVD?  Can Meyer count any of these real vampires among her fans?  Or do they instead roll their eyes at the pop culture – as they must have for hundreds of years now – and go about their lives?

For my part, I don’t have the answer.  You’ll have to tell me how real vampires feel about Twilight.

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  3. melissa says:

    twilght rocks their the best i cant wait to see their next movie new moon! i can like watch twilght over and over a agian

  4. Harry Angel says:

    I’ve just watched some preview rough footage of a Vampire film called Acrylic. Some of the pictures look like Twilight/New Moon lighting etc.

    The film is a little slow but hopefully this will be corrected in the final film.

    Check it out. Does anyone else have info on this I’ve been following it for a while now but there’s nothing on IMDB.