April 25, 2019

What Are Animal Empaths?

Cat, with its mouth open

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Hey, dark passengers. Have you ever watched someone talk to a cat? I don’t mean when it meows at you and you meow back at it, I’m asking if you’ve ever really seen a person have an in-depth conversation with a cat. or any other animal, for that matter. They look ridiculous, right? Probably even a little crazy?

Except…if it’s an animal Empath, they actually are carrying on a conversation with the animal in question. You just can’t understand them.

One of the basics of the empathic gift is the ability to tap into the emotions and feelings of others – usually whether you want to or not. This in and of itself is odd. Why should the ability to connect with animals be any stranger? Because they don’t have emotions and only act on instinct? Sure. Okay. Except for the fact that if you pay enough attention to your pet, you’ll probably notice they do quite a bit that goes directly against their base animal instincts. The stories I could tell you…

But I won’t. We’re talking animal Empaths today, not the abnormal behavior of Jen’s cat.

By this point, who hasn’t heard of dog whisperers and horse whisperers? These people make a career out of quieting the nerves of animals who’ve been spooked for whatever reason. Should it really come as a surprise that these people are animal Empaths, even if they don’t advertise it?

Think about it. “Whisperer” sounds elemental, like something you’d find existing in nature with the animals in the first place; “Empath” sounds like something the strange fortune teller named Wind who lives down the street would say. If I were an animal Empath – which, sadly, I’m not – and trying to build a business around it, I’d call myself a “whisperer” as well.

Now, I won’t say that EVERY person you see carrying on a conversation with an animal is an animal Empath. I’m sure some of them are certifiably looney tunes. On the other hand, there are those who can be so tuned into an animal that understanding the animals unique language of sounds is a natural extension of their empathic gift.

What do you think? Are you an animal Empath or do you  know one? I may not be one, but I sure do know one and, I’ve got to say, it’s a very cool thing to witness…when the person isn’t a wacko who’s pretending, that is. ;)


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  1. star7 says:

    who’s the animal empath you know?

  2. Jen Whitten says:

    I’m married to him. Whether or not he’s chosen to acknowledge it as a fact yet, I’m not completely sure.
    .-= Jen Whitten´s last blog ..Alliance – Chapter 21 =-.

  3. Drea says:

    I had to laugh when I read the first bit of your post! It was like you were talking about me. I am an empath and I regularly have conversations with my cat!
    Great post! :)
    .-= Drea´s last blog ..Do Empaths Have Mood Swings? =-.

  4. Jen Whitten says:

    But are your conversations actual conversations, or are y’all just meowing back and forth at each other? (Which is awesome, btw. I do that all the time just to watch my cat get annoyed and go tell on me to my husband. She’s just so cute when she’s trying to get me in trouble…)

    And thanks for commenting. It’s always nice to have another empath around. :)
    .-= Jen Whitten´s last blog ..Spiritual Gift of Discernment and Empaths =-.

  5. Tala Jackal says:

    So do most people just relate to one type of animal or all? Cause I seem to be able to tell what they want when they want it and what they are feeling. I had no idea it was an actual ability but everyone always tells me how weird I am when I talk to an animal or when I can tell what is wrong with it before they check… A lot of people already think I’m crazy when I go to their house and all of their dogs are in my lap within 10 minutes… Could you possibly help me figure out if I am an empath or a nut job?

  6. Sherri says:

    I hope I’m not too far behind in just now finding this and wanting to post my story. Things have gotten to such a point in my life that I’m finally doing research on myself because I’m convinced I’m losing my mind. I’m just so thrilled to find out that there is a “Name” for this condition !! Empath!! I appear to be an Empath on many many levels but what led me to your page was the gift I have always had with animals, but never really questioned it until lately. I can actually read an animal and know by it’s expression or its behavior, what its feeling, if its hurt, or sick and can even pinpoint the location of illness. I can sense behavioral issues and moods, and I will tell you that animals are not so different from people when it comes to their moods…they just don’t have a way to express themselves openly, but when you really look into their eyes, they have huge stories to tell. So I have always communicated with my own pets, and have had this odd ability to even draw wild animals to me in the nature, or the attack dog, everything from birds to squirrels to deer, racoons…you name it !! Now at this odd peak in my life with so many other “abilities” consuming me, I now have neighbors in my new neighborhood, all bringing their dogs to me so that I can tell them what is going on with their dog….!! I’m middle aged mother of 2, a career woman, college grad, respectable, sane? woman….yet I feel like a loonybird and that I’m going to be taken away if I keep this up…my entire family, kids included, think I’m outta my mind…So I just have to say thank you and thank God that there is a logical reason for my insanity !!