May 22, 2019

What Do Vampires Eat

The question of what vampires eat is a subject that has long been discussed.  Are they only able to drink blood?  Do they actually eat their victims, bodies and all?  Can vampires eat real food?

As with so many things in the realm of the vampire, we end up with yet another ambiguous answer.  They can eat real food and they can’t.  It all depends on what kind of vampire to which you’re referring.

Mythical Vampires

According to most vampire legends, vampires live solely on blood and therefore do not eat human food.  In most pop culture offerings, a vampire tends to simply sit there while the human they’re with eats their meal.  Sometimes – as is the case of Edward Cullen in Breaking Dawn – they even make the meal for their human companions.

But do they also do the dishes?  Now that, my friends, is the real question.

Real Vampires

Sanguinarian Vampires

Though sanguinarian vampires do require small amounts of blood for their survival, blood alone will not keep them alive.  It’s important to keep in mind that real vampires are nothing more than people who have a biological condition that makes the consumption of blood a requirement for life.  They aren’t undead; however, so it’s not as though the consumption of blood takes the place of all food.

Until the day comes that all the essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals can be obtained through blood drinking, sanguinarian vampires will still need to keep their pantries stocked with some sort of food.  Interestingly enough, you even find that some sanguinarian vampires are vegetarians.  Go figure.


Again, since psi-vampires are not undead and soulless monsters, they still need to eat food of some kind.

Perhaps the best way to think of psi-vampires is as people with a certain level of psychic needs.  (Not to be confused with psychic vampires, as the psychic vampire could be either a psi-vampire or sanguinarian vampire who possesses psychic abilities. Confusing?  I know.)  Psychics tend to burn through energy rather fast and need to replenish it.  Some use crystals; some increase their calorie intake.

A psi-vampire is like a psychic in that their body doesn’t create and store enough energy for them to function regularly.  In order to survive they must siphon off small amounts of energy from others.  To compliment that energy, they must also consume regular food.

But if anyone ever figures out how to survive solely on pranic energy, please let me know.  Seems like it would be the best diet ever, vampire or not.

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